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Our Mission

To help young ladies understand MHM (Menstrual Hygiene Management), While providing a safe, convenient, reliable and hygienic solution through Bela Vendor.

Changombe High School.

Oysterbay High School.

Kibasila High School.

Jangwani High School.

The Bela Vendor

The sanitary vending machine can dispense a single sanitary pad at a time depending on the needs of the client through the use of a coin. The sanitary pad will be priced for 200tsh and the second sanitary pad will be priced for 500tsh:
  • A Bela Vendor with GSM and a capacity of 30 pads.
  • A Bela Vendor without GSM and a capacity of 30 pads.
  • A Bela Vendor with GSM and a capacity of 50 pads.
  • A Bela Vendor without GSM and a capacity of 50 pads.
  • The Bela Vendor

    About Us

    Our story in a nutshell

    Be A Lady (B.A.L) is a bright new company that started in April 2017, through the help of DLI (Data for Local Impact). The B.A.L team was able to conduct a study throughout various districts in Dar Es Salaam to see if there is a problem with the availability adn accessibility of sanitary pads within there schools. We discovered that many of these young girls do not have the economic power to buy a full packet of sanitary pads. These leads them to use alterntive methods such as handkerchiefs, khangas and even newspapers. Due to this problem many young girls choose to stay home and not attend school til they are feeling better. Thus the Bela Vendor was born, an automated sanitary pad dispenser that is located within the girls bathroom, allowing the female students to be away from prying eyes as they take care of their needs.


    Meet the Team

    Lulu Ameir

    Project & Team Manager

    Kaijuko Mkandala

    Project Coordinator

    Frank Gilbert


    Melania Chamlonde

    Data Collector

    Rehema Magogo

    Marketing and Social Media


    On the above map representation we have set markers that show areas that the Bela Vendor machine is currently serving. The mission is by next is to cover more schools at an exponential growth and eventually national wide.
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